Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Display stands

A simple yet effective way to display hats

A candle stand I was not using
The hats hung ok this way, but I wanted to fill them out a bit more.

So I cut cardboard circles out to achieve this.

Now they sit fuller.

I bought some stands that pull apart for transport and thought they would be perfect for my bags and ice-cream cones. But how do I hang them on then take them off easily for viewing or selling?

Oh, I can finger knit a length of cord that I can hook the items onto, A bit of heavy duty tape on the ends of the cord secured the cord for transport.
They are also attatch more securely in an anti theft way.
The stand cost $12.00 and it can be raised or lowered, the market table fit's perfectly in between the upright posts so it displays it's self with in all of my other products.

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