Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Makes Your Crochet Stand out In A Crowd?

Individual style and flair, would most probably be, what makes your hand made crochet items stand out.

I ask this as I once again return to the market tomorrow, Sunday 06.07.08.

A lady 3 stalls down from my stall last week, was selling scarves made with that fluffy type yarn you can buy for nick's. I didn't look to see if they were crochet or knit, it wouldn't make a difference any how.

But what I am getting to here is that her scarves were priced at $7.00 each and I am selling my neck warmers for $10.00 each, I originally wanted to sell them for $15.00 each, as they have buttons and use a 50 gm ball of yarn to complete.

So with the thinking cap on for idea's to keep on improving my stall from week to week, I realised that I had to be different and to stand out from other stalls. I feel I have already made myself unique, as I am a one of a kind stall where I am selling.

I did not want to make cheap fluffy scarves as every other stall can have those, I'd rather spend the same amount of time on a unique item with quality yarn.

What I have come up with can still be sold at the bargain price of $10.00, there is a little room for profit, but once a matching hat is sold along with my new scarves, the profit becomes larger.

Here are some pictures of my latest scarves with matching hats.

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keisha said...

I love your hat patterns where are the patterns for these??